Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation – What do Dreams Mean?

In ancient times people believed that dreams were of divine origin and could be used for both diagnosis and healing. This belief fell away until Sigmund Freud wrote “The Interpretation of Dreams” in 1900. Dreams are our subconscious mind speaking to us. By understanding what dreams mean, you can positively influence your health, relationships, creativity and spiritual development. Do you know you even get forewarning dreams that warn you of a future event?

Linda has a Masters in Dream Analysis and has developed a Dream Interpretation Course that will help you interpret your own dreams. Contact Linda and start learning about you and your dreams.

What do Dreams Mean?

Dreams speak to us in a multi-dimensional language of feelings, images and associations. Understanding what the subconsious mind is saying to you in your dreams, will assist you enormously in waking life:

  • Dreams help you better understand yourself and lead to personal growth and well being;
  • Dreams are powerful problem solving and inspirational tools
    (did you know that the tune for Yesterday from the Beatles, came to Paul McCartney in a dream!)

You know what a positive impact a good dream can have on you, leaving you feeling uplifted, inspired, happy, and energetic! Imagine being able to channel that positive energy and call dreams to you!

Dreams are your subconscious mind speaking to you

Learn your personal dream language and discover the longings of your soul.

Understanding your dreams will help you in healing relationships, your body and your life.

Dream Interpretation Course

In Linda’s Dream Interpretation Course you will learn both the theory of dreams as well as practical tools to make your dreams work for you.

The Dream Interpretation Course will teach you:

  • How to understand what messages your dreams are bringing to your consciousness;
  • The history of dreams;
  • How to recall your dream;
  • How to understand your dream language and identify your own dream characters and symbols;
  • How to interpret your dreams;
  • About forewarning dreams.

Once you are able to capture, remember and understand your dreams you will may then be able to move onto the next step – orchestrating your dreams through lucid dreaming!

The course is available for only R500. Interested in purchasing this course? Contact Linda and start an amazing journey of discovery.

Case Studies on Dream Interpretation

Read these dream interpretation case studies to see how important it is that you understand what your dreams are telling you:

For only R350 you can learn the basics of what Linda applied in these case studies. You can learn how to analysis your own dreams and make life changing decisions.

Contact Linda today!

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